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The Olive Branch Church, Web Site & SEO Roseville, CA

The Olive Branch Church

is a Christian Church located in Roseville, CA. The Olive Branch needed a redesign of their original site including an updated logo design and general overhaul of their brand identity.

The Olive Branch Church web site has grown into a fun resource for existing members as well as a tool for potentially new members seeking information on attending the church.

Google calendar was used to minimize costs for the church while providing a powerful tool that can be edited by the church for future events. This calendar has many features created by google such as Blackberry applications to sync between the online calendar and your phone's calendar.

The Olive Branch Blog was created so that all sermons could be hosted online as well as added to iTunes for easy downloading. This was developed as the popularity of podcasts emerged in place of the old online flash sermon player we originally created for the church.

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The Olive Branch Church

is a Foursquare community church built with strong personal relationships and long ties to the local community.




Roseville and the surrounding communities

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